Value Services

  • Site testing and commissioning. We deliver on-site and test it before declaring the job is complete.
  • Preventive and condition based maintenance helps ensure continuity of operations. For dry type transformers, omitting the cleaning decreases the transformer efficiency due to decreased airflow and creates a fire hazard
  • Our experienced engineers can repair, maintain and calibrate controls and relays of your transformers
  • Parts availability. Our local assembly presence enables us to supply your spare parts requirement faster than competitors.
  • Diagnostic testing of oil, gas and insulating fluid. This testing protocol is a predictive tool of determining the life of the internal components warning the end-use r of the need to replace the unit before the breakdown occurs.
  • Warranty management, technical support and disposal. Our technical service team can respond to emergencies (as required) and we can take care of your asset end-to-end.
  • Managed inventory program. We can work with you in planning your high volume requirement , adjust schedules as your business progress and deliver units when needed.
  • Consignment arrangement. This is a pay as use basis given a clear sight of client’s future requirement.