First Philec holds first supplier convention on sustainability

October 10, 2019

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First Philec, Inc. (FPI) held a one-of-a-kind conference aimed to promote synergy, imbue sustainability and reduced carbon footprint, and create actionable items in moving forward with the business progressively keeping sustainability in mind. The two-day event, held on October 9-10, 2019 at Seda Hotel Nuvali, was attended by 29 participants from 11 supplier companies from 6 countries representing major materials used in the manufacturing – copper, amorphous ribbon, insulating fluid, bushing, aluminum and silicon steels, and insulating papers.

OBLIGATION TO THE FUTURE. FPI President Ariel C. Ong, during his opening speech, emphasizes FPI’s advocacy and commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon footprint


The convention revolved around the theme “Partners in Enabling a Smarter Energy-Efficient Distribution Network”. In his opening speech, Mr. Ariel Ong, President of First Philec, Inc. emphasized organizations’ obligations in reducing carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable world for future generations. He stressed that our purpose as business entities should not only be to maximize shareholders’ wealth, but more so to create a sustainable world.


FPI recognizes this initiative stemming from FPI’s parent company, First Philippine Holdings (FPH). FPH Chairman Federico R. Lopez advocates and leads sustainability programs and initiatives across all Lopez companies. His leadership installed 5 climate pillars which include carbon footprint, and green supply chain.


World’s first fully recyclable and biodegradable transformer

True to FPI’s commitment to embody reduced carbon footprint and sustainable supply chain, FPI shared its ambition of accomplishing the world’s first fully recyclable and biodegradable transformer. The determination to achieve this goal is also among the rationales behind hosting the convention – to generate ideas from each industry, win the suppliers’ support, and recognize each one’s roles in realizing this aspiration.


COLLABORATION BEYOND BOUNDARIES. Participants brainstorm and discuss ideas during breakout sessions


One of the breakout sessions focused on this area – the recyclability status of each material, the challenges in recycling these materials, and potential solutions to make FPI’s transformers 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and the world’s first. In multiple occasions, FPI management stressed that its recyclable product initiative is not geared towards generating income from the recycled materials, but to ensure that resources are utilized optimally and sustainably anchored to its commitment of doing its share of creating a sustainable world.


Annual supplier convention

A collaborative meeting such as this one is seen to impact the transformer manufacturing business in more ways than one. As attested by the participants, the event was not a typical one in the sense that it engaged and involved participants at a different level because they were given the opportunity to think beyond, collaborate with other suppliers from different industries around the world, and discuss solutions to the current and emerging challenges in the business with focus on everyone’s responsibility in doing our share in conserving resources.


The convention also served as an avenue for the participants to raise questions and clarifications regarding FPI’s manufacturing business, and to share their present and emerging changes, challenges, and disruptions in their respective businesses. FPI, in turn, shared its business plans, current and short-term goals, and long-term growth plans.


At this point, a plan of an annual supplier convention is being brewed attributed to this event’s success. More engagements and collaborations with business partners are expected to significantly contribute to the growth of FPI.


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